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Conveniently located just past where the old fire tower used to be.

Now Offering Canned Hams! Only The Finest! As Seen On TV and in General Stores Around The Universe

Plain Folks
Cottage Cheese Tubs,
Cottage Cheese Home Delivery,
and Tupperware
Rich Folks
Cottage Cheese For
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Folks Ain't Got No Mail
Mailbox Reflectors
For Every Occasion
Assorted Sizes and Flavors
Online Ordering Temporarily Unavailable. E-mail orders@cheesecova.com

Online Orderin' Done Took a Crap On Us

My cousin Darryl done got himself a TV repair shop now and he said it's got something to do with some sorta dynamite objects or cascading bedsheets or something, don't make no sense to me. I slapped it once or twice but I guess I might need to go to the Radio Shack and get some more of them orange light bulbs to put inside. Anyway, if you wanna buy something you'll have to come see us, or e-mail it to orders@cheesecova.com but I ain't none too good with that e-mail stuff so y'all gonna have to wait for my other cousin Darryl to print it off and read it to me. And these phones out here ain't none too good neither so it might be a while.

It's Somekinda Good! Tell 'em I said so!

I guarantee you will find our Fine Cottage Cheese and Related Apparatus so tasty and delicious you'll be hurtin' for more. Anifyaint, I'll buy it back from ya, at half the price! Whether it's our half-gallon tubs for snackin' or our World Famous 55-gallon drum of cottage cheese, you'll be lickin' out the last drop!

So come on over and buyya some today. It's good! I guarantee it.

-Cleetus Crump

No Longer Delivering To Beulahville, VA

That old hussey Lucille Clement done gone 'round town tellin folks our Fine Cottage Cheese ain't really no kinda cheese at all, and that it got bits and pieces of snake fat mixed in. Ain't true, but word done got 'round anyway, so ya know what? Y'all can go buy y'all's cottage cheese someplace else! And don't y'all believe her! I think she the one that done gone and killed that old preacher man across the bridge anyway. She'll have her day of judgement before The Lord, yessiree. Y'all look out for this woman!

She ain't got a lick of sense no way. I once went over her house to drop off some Fine Cottage Cheese and our Amazing Value 250-Pack Mailbox Reflectors with Bonus Matching Tie Tack and she slammed the door right in my face, said she ain't ordered none this and to get off her property. Thou shalt not refuse delivery on dairy products, Lucille. That's the 16th Commandment. Learnt me that in church last Sunday.

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